Can Canada Become a Global Superpower?

        When we think of a global superpower we think of a country with a huge army. That is partially part of the topic. There are other ways a country can be a global superpower. These other factors are through exerting of influence economically, politically, technologically, culturally, diplomatically and soft power. To be a superpower a country needs to be very prominent in at least of these categories. And right now, a country surprisingly that could become a global superpower in the future is Canada.

        I know what you’re thinking. Canada is a weak military country with a lot of Arctic terrain and a small population. Besides this, Canada could actually not only become a global superpower, but could become the number one economic global superpower, surpassing China and the United States of America. Though for this to happen a factor mentioned needs to be present. The factor is the increase in global warming aid, something which will help Canada in three ways.

        The first way is with the Northwest Passage. The Northwest Passage is a 900km route that weaves through Canada’s northern islands that goes from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. The problem is that there is too much ice, which makes this route too treacherous for a commercial trading route. Global warming can melt the ice so that this passage may be used for commercial trading by ships. With the Northwest Passage opening up China will be inclined to trade with Canada more. This is because the Panama Canal Route takes 41 days from Bayuquan, China to Deception Bay, Quebec. The Northwest Passage makes this same trip only take 26 days. Also, another reason China will start trading with us more is because we don’t put tariffs on China’s goods coming in. Unlike the U.S., The Northwest Passage can also make some commercial trading routes to Canada faster. Since Canada has good relations with many countries, more countries will be inclined to use the Northwest Passage. For this to happen, Canada has to improve its Northern ports to accommodate big freighters. 

        The second way is the untapped oil reserves in the Arctic Region. The Arctic Region is hard to extract oil from because due to the extremely high cost of operation, roads cannot be accessed, resources for accommodation in the area are meager and winter makes commerce in the area nearly impossible. Though in the same way global warming will melt the ice and increase temperatures so accommodations are easier to make, roads are accessible and the cost for exploration and drilling are cheaper. This will let Canada be able to tap into the untapped oil reserves. Canada’s economy will skyrocket since 30 percent of the world’s oil reserves are in the Arctic Regions of Canada.

        The final way is the need for freshwater. Canada has 20 percent of the world’s fresh water reserves and seven percent of the world’s renewable fresh water reserves. These renewable fresh water reserves are located in the Great Lakes. This water is easily accessible for water distributors. Canada has more than enough fresh water that it can even export fresh water. As global warming increases, the temperature increases. The increase in temperature increases evaporation. Dome less fortunate areas can have droughts that will make the country’s water stressed. Eventually these countries will need to buy fresh water internationally in which Canada can sell lots of fresh water at a high price to skyrocket its economy.

        Canada will become an economic superpower from the opening of Northwest Passage, tapping into the Canada’s Arctic Region oil reserves and selling fresh water to water stressed countries. These possibilities can become a reality as long as global warming keeps on increasing. As far as I can see, global warming isn’t going to totally stop anytime soon which opens up the bright future for Canada and its rise to becoming a superpower.


“Canada Can be the Next Economic Superpower due to Global Warming & Climate Change”